A. Booths Finest Fruit Veg and Mushrooms

Borough Market

Calvert Solicitors

Culture 2000


Flour Power City Bakery


Ginger Pig

Hairy Pot Plants // Thank you for the discounts on your beautiful plants grown in eco-friendly hairy pots. The plants have all gone to the Bankside Open Spaces Trust now, so will continue to be enjoyed by Southwark residents in local parks and gardens.


Media Structures

Neal’s Yard Dairy

Northfield Farm

Ponthieu-Charpente // Thank you for the huge discounts on all the timber for the Beach Huts and decking!

Rude Health // Thank you for delicious organic muesli breakfasts provided free for Lido visitors, we love the Ultimate Muesli!

Sillfield Farm

Solid Space // Thank you for lending us the site, and all your help with the logistics of temporary occupation!


Terra Plana // Thank you for the fabulous DOPIE sandals for the Lido visitors, everyone has been admiring them!

Travis Perkins

Vector Foiltec


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