Alex Roemer, who designed and built the Southwark Lido Beach Huts and Sauna, is the founder of constructLab and has been collaborating with EXYZT for several years. You can see some images of his previous work below.

Southwark Lido Beach Huts: photo by Julie Guiches

Beachut's process

Southwark Lido Sauna:


Le Manable 2007:

"Le Manable" 2007

"Le Manable" 2007

"Le Manable" 2007

Hotel “Silverpearl” with raumlabor-berlin for “Art goes Heiligendamm” G8-Summit 2007

Hotel "Silverpearl"

Hotel "Silverpearl" with raumlabor-berlin for "Art goes Heiligendamm" G8-Summit 2007

Sauna at the Metavilla, Venice Biennale of Architecture 2006, with EXYZT:

Sauna Metavilla 2006

Hotel “Mountain Inn” with raumlabor-berlin during “der Berg” performance 2005:

Hotel "Mountain Inn"

Hotel "Mountain Inn"

Hotel "Mountain Inn"

Skip Swimming Pool

Urban Camping at DerBerg

Urban Camping at DerBerg


One Response to “constructLab”

  1. michel Says:

    on adore ce que vous faites c’est merveilleux
    +de photos ou est ta maison a cantercel???


    famille encore une petite goutes mois ca mon fils

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