After the Lido …

Thank you to everyone who visited the Lido, and all those who participated in it’s construction and (too short) life!

We would have loved to keep the Lido open for longer, as many people requested, and for a brief moment on Sunday 13th July it seemed that maybe we could, but unfortunately this wasn’t the case. However, this is definitely not the end of the Lido, so watch this space…

Meanwhile, many of you were wondering what would happen to the materials used to build the Lido once we took it down, so here are some updates:

The Beach Huts

Two were given to the Bankside Open Spaces Trust so will find a new home in another open space in Southwark

Two are going to Borough Market, pending delivery

Six were bought by a generous benefactor, allowing us to pay for our trip home!

The Plants

Some were given to our neighbours, but the majority went to the Bankside Open Spaces Trust who have planted them in community gardens all around Southwark

The Deckchairs

These were sold or given as presents to people who had helped to realise the project. Apologies if you wanted one and were not contacted – we tried to contact everyone who had expressed an interest but couldn’t get through to some people.

The Wood

Most of the timber was taken by people building the ecological campsite for Climate Camp. You can see where the wood went next (and the grey water pipes) by following this link:

(Please note: the wood was given to a charitable cause. We are not involved in how it is used once it has left 100 Union Street)

The scaffolding, mist-system and water pumps were on hire and have been sent back to the owners. Everything else will be re-used for future projects.

As for the photographs, stop-motion animations and films made during the Lido, you can see many of these on the blog or by following the links on the left – including the Log Books filled in by Southwark residents and people involved in the Lido.

Til we meet again,

The Southwark Lido team x


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