January 16, 2009


Following the success of the Southwark Lido this summer, which attracted much positive feedback from visitors and residents alike, we have published a short book of images and texts on the Lido.

The book documents the life of the Lido and people’s responses to it. It serves both as a souvenir and as a suggestion of the possibilities offered by the temporary activation of sites in transition. (Further information on the book below)

We are selling the Lido book for £10 per copy, plus p&p, in order pay for the production costs. However, we would be grateful for any further contributions: for example, purchasing copies at a solidarity price of £20 each.

Please email Sara Muzio at southwarklido (at) gmail (dot) com if you would like to buy copies, providing the following information:

Name & Postal Address
Number of copies required at the solidarity price of £20 each
Number of copies required at the retail price of £10 each
Any further donation you would like to make

Further information:

The book consists of 108 printed pages, full colour throughout, with brief texts from participants and photographs. The graphic design is by Directeur Général, part of the EXYZT collective, who gave the Lido its graphic identity. It is printed by eco-printer Foxprint. It includes pages exploring the Southwark and South Bank area, the collaboration with local organisations, building the Lido, the potential for ephemeral architecture in sites in transition, and the constructive relationship between Solid Space, EXYZT, the LFA and The Architecture Foundation.


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