Borough Market Portraits

July 28, 2008

cocotte-Borough Market / Studio-public

Series of portraits of Borough Market traders -the London’s oldest food market.

This was a satellite action of the Exyzt intervention at the Southwark Lido near by. With the help of Sara Muzio and David Matchett whom we met while working on the project, we found an opportunity to install a photo studio at the market. We brought a frame of a small house, made at the Lido by Exyzt , to use as a reference background. Characters of the market passed by to be photographed in front of the house with items representative of their activities. We enjoyed the opportunity to invite the neighbourhood to come to the Lido, the following night to see large projections of these pictures being screened.

Spécial thanks to all the traders of Borrought market, Sara ,David, Miguel and Exyzt team.
Photographers : Julie Guiches, Claudia Hermandez, Benoit Lorent.



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  1. […] We’lle be screening some slideshows of Studio public Borough Market portraits from 2012 and also 2008 taken during EXYZT’s Southwark Lido. […]

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