SOWF // Day 4

June 27, 2008

The Girls

Today we had to prepare a presentation and gather information from Ruby, Exyzt and Sara about their job roles. So we could prepare our information and tell our classmates what we have been doing during work experience. Then we watched some music video’s and took ideas to how we’re going to set it out and perform it. We spent some time planning and came up with a concept for the whole dance. we talked about costumes and how we could merge all of our ideas together to make a final show. We learned about animation using a camera by repeatedly clicking the button again and again. I used the animation to walk around the site and up the tower to show the different levels. I found it difficult because I didn’t feel comfortable walking with the camera around the site with one eye on the eye piece and the other eye closed and going up the stairs was difficult because I like to have a hand on the ladder.



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