SOWF // day three

June 25, 2008

Kimber, Belinda and Shay, June 24th

today we came up with a theme for our performance which will be revealed on the day (saturday the 12th july evening). We went around Southwark and took photos of the places we found interesting, including the cemetery we visited on day one: the Cross Bone Graveyard where there are ribbons attached to the main gates of the memorial place. We also visited Mint Street Park where we photographed some local graffiti, and things we found interesting or that we could use for our performance as a background projection of different images. we meet some photographers from “Studio Public” today and they told us about their company and about how they wanted us to take a disposable camera and take pictures of specific items. We spoke about the different ways we could use images in our performance and some of the ways were, projections on us or as the background, images on our tops. We were given the cameras and the log books.





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