SOWF // Day two

June 18, 2008

Belinda and Kimber interview Roger Zogolovitch, June 19th

Today we interviewed a variety of people about the southwark lido and their thoughts on it. We first started off by interviewing Roger a co-owner of the land the lido is being built on, and his views and ideas about the project. Then we talked to Nicolas an architect who is involved in building the project, he has also done previous projects like this in different countries over the past five years. Then we did a joint interview with Pat a local resident of southwark who has lived in the area for thirty six years, with Abbeygail a youth worker who runs ‘se1united’ a project for youths. Also they recently got funded a hundred thousand pounds. We had to do a podcast of all their interviews and put it together as a short radio interview. This was very interesting to here all there different views from all different people living in the southwark borough. We interviewed some locals, and they really thought it was a positive thing for southwark to be holding an event like this as it would bring the community together.

Download this podcast


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