SOWF // day 1

June 17, 2008

today we came together and discussed and showed each other our most valuable objects, and also said a fact about southwark. We then watched a short episode of “City of Men” that showed Brazil in the last few years, in the slum areas. And some of the activities the kids go through on a day to day basis. we also visted the construction site after the second day of building and it is coming along very fast and should be done very soon. it’s showing great potential already and i’m very excited about what is to come. We took turns filming each other and the site. i found filming when a train goes past really difficult but it was so much fun. the cemetery (the Cross Bones Graveyard on Redcross Way) was inspiring – the way it was remembered by people who made it their history, even though there is no personal connection, and all the colourful ribbons were beautiful. one way that we could work round the noise of the train is that every time one goes past we make a freeze frame and make it part of the show.





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